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Competition Winner

Well it was a little disappointing as I only had 3 entries for this month, I have stated on my competition page I will only keep this going for a couple more months if I do not get any interest. I hope I do as I thought this would be a fun thing to do.I have also decided that when I do, send me your recipes to try again. I will have to be more specific, in that your favourite biscuit recipes or chicken recipes etc.. It was really hard to judge sweet against savoury dishes.All three entries were great and thank you to the three of you who did enter. First the chicken in a champagne sauce was awesome and we all raved, little Leah’s recipe was great and I think it was a special entry as she is only 9 years old. The rich caramel cheesecake, very rich and naughty but again a wonderful recipe.

I am more of a savoury over sweet person but I have to say one of my bigger weakness is cheesecake. So to make this fair I have to pick the recipe that everyone just went dilly over and that was the cheesecake. It was super rich and you couldn’t eat much in one go, but it really was gorgeous. So congratulations Vannessa I will be getting your prize off to you tomorrow.

Here is a photo of the winning recipe

I will also be sending a little something to Leah because I thought it was a great recipe from someone so young. Thanks very much for taking the time to enter Leah.


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